Brand and digital products for early to mid-stage ventures.

We create the systems that underpin modern technology experiences – the invisible things we feel through to the visuals that engage us. We deliver full-time commitment without long-term overhead, a self-directed team without ego and a serious approach that’s seriously fun.

We (1) invest in exceptional founders and ideas (2) provide an essential team with no weak links (3) deliver impact through creative, strategy and technology (4) bring a clear understanding of how to reach level one and scale, together.

A partner as determined as you are.

We work with design-led venture capital, private equity and founders on the ideas that shape our collective future.

We’re informal and act like a part of your team, because we are. There are no big reveals or inefficient processes – just incredible work that moves you forward at an incredible pace.

We only focus on a few projects per year and deliver those with unwavering commitment. We work in weekly sprints from zero to product through a combination of equity and studio fees. If we do our job right, we make ourselves obsolete within 6-12 months.

Meet the team
Current Investments


Tre’dish is a community-based technology platform at the forefront of the food-sharing economy. We've designed and built a disruptive concept that allows chefs to sell home-cooked meals from their home kitchens. Our work has led to over $50M in investment, a pilot launch in California and currently focused on building a SaaS offering to further expand our market.


Millions of people suffer from concussion each year. Rhea makes sure they never have to go through recovery alone. We designed a proactive, evidence-based recovery tool that patients can use between check-ups or self-guided from home. Our work helped Rhea close a $2M seed investment in 2021 followed by a public launch 6-months later. Currently on track for a Series A Q1 2023.


Bandi is a swapping app for people who love fashion and love the planet. We partnered with sisters Nicole and Frankie to develop a community platform that matches people of a similar size and shape, letting users refresh their wardrobes without the hefty price tag and cost to the planet. After closing a successful Seed round in early 2021, Bandi is now live with more 10k users.


Vault is a fortress for your digital assets. Anonymously store files, contracts and other sensitive data – as secure as a Swiss bank, and accessible wherever you go. Through branding, strategy and product development, we helped Vault close a $500k Seed round in March 2020 with a Series A scheduled for late 2022.


Egg is a simple, fun and creative way to organize and gather your favourite people to do anything together. We led a product workshop in Toronto with the team from California, helping turn their initial idea into a fully-baked user interface – helping Egg raise a Seed investment of $2M in December 2020.


Adobe asked us to partner with them for the yearly Digital Trends campaign, marking a decade of their landmark campaign. Our work led to a 300% increase in results from the previous year – one of the largest Adobe Europe has ever seen. We have since partnered with Adobe on numerous key projects, from product launches to global events.